Friday, June 23, 2006

Singapore's push to become the secure and safe haven for E-Business

Singapore will be launching its new National Cyber-threat Monitoring Centre early next year (see the report from CNA thru the link below). It will work with other similar centres all over the world to deal with the threats from viruses, hackers and terrorists in cyberspace as well as to protect the interests of businesses, individuals and the government online.

Under the masterplan, IDA is also studying the possibility of a Cybersecurity Act to protect data and privacy, and is also pushing for Anti-Spam Act (draft has been in discussion for some time - check for more information).

This strategic move to develop such a centre as well as establishing a slew of new laws and regulation dealing with cyber threats is continuing the efforts to make Singapore as an attractive location for companies planning to move their operations and data systems into the region.

While the national cyber-threat monitoring centre will be one of the first in the region, it will be likely that our neighbours will be following suit which can only mean that it will make the region much less attractive for hackers and e-terrorists. The centre is expected to provide early warnings about impending cyberthreats as well as establish processes to mitigate such threats.

Will this centre be duplicating the CERT team that is in place? While I have no official response to that question, technically it would appear that the new centre would compliment the CERT functions. It would however make sense for the consolidation of these two entities to have both a means to monitor and respond effectively to all kinds of online threats.


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