Wednesday, November 15, 2006

3 years' jail for WiFi tapping

On November 10 it was reported in the local papers that a teen Mr Garyl Tan Jia Luo (17) was charged in court for having committed an offence under the Computer Misuse Act. Apparently the act that he committed was to use his notebook computer to access the WiFi network belonging to his neighbour without authority on May 13th. Under the CMA as long as there had been unauthorised access - whether there had been security firewalls or passwords being used - an offence would have been committed by the mere access of the network. Details of the case has not been published and the trial is to be heard today - 15th Nov. It would be interesting to learn whether this was a one off incident or whether Mr Tan had carried on this unauthorised access for some time.

To read about the first report - click here: Report: Singapore teen faces 3 years' jail for tapping into another's wireless Internet - iht,asia,Singapore Internet Charges - Asia - Pacific - International Herald Tribune


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Not sure whether it's legal to tap into your neighbor's Wi-Fi network? In Singapore, at least, there's no question: A 17-year-old faces three years in the slammer for doing just that.The Associate Press reports that Garyl Tan Jia Luo is the first person to be charged with violating Singapore's Computer Misuse Act. If convicted, he could be fined up to $10,000 and spend three years in jail.
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