Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cybercrime does not pay

Mr Song Yick Biau was reported by CNA as having pleaded guilty to nine charges under the Computer Misuse Act at the Singapore Subordinate Courts yesterday.

His modus operandi was to chat with the victim and send them a program which would allow him control and access to the victim's computer. He then stole the person's identity, adopted her persona and changed the password so that the person could not access her own MSN account. He successfully usd this ploy more than once. He also gained access to the accounts of three young women, aged between 18 and 21. He then threatened to post edited "naked" pictures of one of them unless she sent him photos of her breasts. The victim of this threat reported the matter to the police which resulted in the investigation and charges made.

Song pleaded guilty to nine charges under the Computer Misuse Act - each of which carries a fine of up to $50,000 and jail terms not exceeding two to 10 years. He can also be jailed up to two years on a charge of criminal intimidation. The judge will pass sentence on the charges on Monday 15th Jan 2007.

It is worth noting that the accused is an intelligent undergraduate, made the mistake of believing that such activities online will not be reported nor prosecuted. It would be very unusual if the accused will not be given a stiff custodial sentence. Update on the sentencing when it is reported.

NTU student stole MSN IDs, chatted and threatened blackmail [Channelnewsasia.com]


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